Handcrafted Bath and Body Products

In Gaelic, ‘The Bonnie Brae’ means ‘The Beautiful Hillside’. Living in the shadows of the Adirondack Mountains, we and have surrounded ourselves with gardens overflowing with flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs from where many of our ingredients come from. We roam the hillsides and shop local farmers markets for many of the ingredients found in our Natural, hand-crafted products; always giving thanks to the bounty that nature has provided.
In practicing the old craft of soapmaking we also follow a much more ancient tradition of taking only what we need from Mother Earth and thanking her for her gifts.

Organic oils and fair trade butters are our staple ingredients. We only use palm oil sparingly and when we do it is from Renewable and sustainable sources. The “good stuff” that makes our soaps special, comes from our neighbors here in the Upstate New York. Goats milk, honey, oats, tea, coffee, and even beer are all obtained from local small farmers and skilled crafters.

So, from our home to yours, please take home a little slice of paradise and thank you for visiting. Be blessed.