About Us

Fresh, Local, Sustainable. This is the Bonnie Brae Way!

A love of handcrafted items fueled by a need to find products I could use after developing severe allergies led me to creating my own line of bath and body products.
Our mission is three-fold. To create products that are good for you by being Paraben, Phthalate and Formaldehyde free; using Organic, Renewable, Sustainable and Fair Trade Oils and Butters to support world farmers without damaging the ecosystem; and by using recycled and recyclable packaging to help our planet.
From our Local farmers comes our Goat Milk, Honey and Home rendered Lard and Tallow from organic farms. Oats, organic vegi’s, herbs and florals also come from local sources and many from the gardens here at The Bonnie Brae. Many ingredients are wildcrafted by myself such as Plantain, Dandelion and Jewelweed, found on hikes in and around the Mohawk Valley and Adirondack mountains.
From local crafters we get our organic teas, roasted coffee, wine and craft beer used in many of our soaps.

You can find many of our Soaps, Wooden Wick Soy Candles, Scrubs and Lotions here  OUR PRODUCTS

Check the Calendar to see where you can find our Unique Mobile Shop. Her name is Buttercup and she is hard to miss.
To learn more about the creation of our little yellow Gypsy Wagon, follow this link: https://thenovastudio.com/gypsy-dreams-vendor-wagon/

gypsy wagon