Maria Mastropietro Covillion
5stars“I started using Bonnie Brae soaps about a year ago. I love the Lemongrass!! Barbara also makes a soap that’s perfect for my daughter who has very sensitive skin. It’s called Nana’s Soup and is free of fragrance and anything that can irritate my little girl’s skin. I also like the body scrub!”

Jeffrie Tarin Kreis
5stars“Such amazing handmade soaps from so many natural scents to choose from! Next time I’m getting the salves!”

Luann Shutley
5stars“If I could give 10 stars, I certainly would not hesitate. I had ordered the Winters Remedy, hoping for some relief, and an end to my frustation, with my suddenly callus ridden feet. (Gross, I know. Sorry). I’ll have you know, that within 3 days, 3 days!, there was a huge improvement. Kinda makes me wish I had ordered sooner, instead of soaking, and sugar scrubbing, and moisturizing, and the countless peddies I put my poor piggies through. All that time wasted, wasted!, when all I had to do was a few simple clicks and then stalk the mailman.”

Brandie Lane
5stars“Our favorite soaps! Barbara uses fantastic natural ingredients that help the skin, not leave them dry like the commercial/store-bought soaps with chemicals. This is the first winter I have not had a problem with dry/cracking skin. The scents are also to die for!”

Celeste Sherry
5stars“I absolutely LOVE how your handcrafted soaps are hard-milled! They last for what seems like forever (makes ’em cheaper than what you get in the grocery!), and the fragrances are sooooo therapeutic and relaxing. Recommend the Goats & Oats Lavender Vanilla — great aroma combo”

Michelle Ciracò Wright
5stars“My absolute favorite product is the deep sea mud mask. I have seborrhea dermititis on my face, which is essentially a red rash. Nothing that the dermatologies prescribed helped me. The deep sea mud mask keeps the rash in check! My brother uses it for psoriasis.”

Donna Cole
5stars“Only soap I use!
The scents are fabulous, and some even whimsical.
I have had problems with dry skin, particularly in the winter for a very long time – my hands would get so bad that the skin would crack and bleed. I’ve used the soaps, Body Butter and Winter’s Remedy from Bonnie Brea this last year and have seen a VAST improvement. There has been NO cracking or flaking.
Quality products and Barbara is a joy to do business with.”

Patt Thrash
5stars“I love the lemongrass soap. you’re clean, it rinses off well and you’re left with a pleasant refreshing scent. Rosehip and jasmine is my going-out scent. bath bombs are the best treat!”

Kelly Patton
5stars“Amazing soaps! The scents are wonderful and the soaps are rich with nice lather. The bath bombs are awesome! Gave them as gifts and received lots of raves. Also love the winter lip and hand healing balm. Great products!”

Wendy Forte
5stars“Wonderful products, works much better then any chemical store purchased product out there. Made by a fantastic person who puts her positive light in everything she sells and every person she smiles at.”

David W. Jones
5stars“I bought several varieties of the soap, all are nice. My favorite is the Dragon’s Blood and so much so that I bought a loaf of it so I won’t run out. Great product!”

Lyz Foster
5stars“The sugar scrubs, ARE TO DIE FOR! Amazing on the skin and oh so nice after a shower!!! Highly recommend!”

Leah Rae
5stars“This is the best soap for in the kitchen! It smells so amazing! I wash my hands a lot and it doesn’t dry them out or anything like that. Also, the bar lasts for a long time and doesn’t go all mushy when it’s low. When BonnieBrae was on vacation, I ordered coffee soap from a different shop….I will never make that mistake again!!”

Connie Unangst
5stars“The soap leaves skin soft with no residue. And the aroma is patchouli. Lovely.”

Erica Wilkin
5stars“Omg Barbra! Thank you so much. The shower steamers are super exciting. I can already tell by their scent they are gunna work wonders, and the salt scrub smells amazing as well. thanks for being so generous! Timing and packaging was perfection! Thank yoooooou!!!!”

Janet Baskerville
5stars“My favorite handmade soap maker with the best selection of clean smelling scents around.”

Mildred Edwards
5stars“Love this stuff. I’m all about the natural body products! Yes it look weird. And smells natural. A lil bit goes a LONG way! I haven’t had any irritations. No break outs definitely be repurchasing”

5stars“Barbara is such a sweetheart and great to work with!! She help me make a custom gift!! Everything looks great and smells AMAZING!! Thanks so much Barbara!!”

5stars“Very good to use with bar soap even if not a specialty type soap. Reasonably priced and it arrived promptly.”

Witc Hampton
5stars“Dreams of spring linger on you skin and in the air every time you use this hand milled soap. Let the sun shine!”

5stars“Ordered in a gift basket for my beautiful Daughter In Law to be. I could actually whiff the aroma of the gift basket and was quite pleased. I certainly wish I would have ordered more.”

5stars“Absolutely perfect…fits like a dream. Great workmanship. Thank you again!! A+++++”